Keepin’ you safe

Shenanigans is just that—a place to let loose and have a blast with friends and family. To make sure everyone has the time of their life, we have just a few simple rules:

  • Respect your neighbours and their stuff, and they’ll hopefully do the same.
  • Quiet ‘er down at 11pm on Sunday to Thursday, 12:30am on Friday and Saturday, and 1am on dance nights!
  • Pets (and annoying siblings) are welcome—please just keep them under control and clean up after them.
  • Kids, bring an adult to watch you in the pool (but don’t splash them!)
  • Speed limit is 10 km so no one gets squished.
  • You can drive your all-terrain vehicles in and out of the park, but not around the park itself.
  • Keep your noggin safe—wear a helmet when biking. (And no biking after dark.)
  • Visitors, please say hi by signing in at the store.
  • Use the recycling bins and save the planet (no black garbage bags please).
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